What is Volumes Based Binary Options Trading? Complete Guide


Binary options is one of the main and most widely adopted way for the selecting the bull or bear puts by monitoring the volume of the asset which is being traded. People are tending to take decent look at the binary options trading because they are in need to see the majority of opinions over the market to think of an asset’s result. Though this is very natural to think over the asset’s value and do but it is also not deprived of the drawbacks as well.Placing the binary options puts is of most importance grounded on the volume that is needed to be looked through the volume being traded via brokers only. Moreover, you have to monitor the volume being traded through entire asset market for establishing an opinion which is based on the volume. By the time when the volume trend of the asset market is being established then the very next step is to find an existing chart of hourly intervals of the binary options which you are wishing to trade and look for the last biggest candles in the bull and bear options.

Volumes Based Binary Options Trading

After this the next step is to average out both lows and highs grounded over results of the candles which have been established previously and then draw two horizontal lines connecting the lows and highs of the candles. After this you are able to base you call or put over the binary options trading as the market is now trending to minimum or maximum volumes closed to that of the horizontal lines.The answer to the question that why volume is a matter of concern is because volume could be utilized for outstanding tool of confirmation and when you are in making try to figure out the patterns and trends of assets. Volume based trading strategies are of great importance that it alone could make one of greatest and important aspects by incorporating the calls and puts based technical analysis. However, it is very notable to not down the alterations in the price which are connected to volume highs and tend to be relevant to the alterations of prices which are connected to the low volumes. The higher volume prices are the indicators that the average prices are having greater changes than that of the lower volume indicators.

What Volume is?

The concept of the volume is a simple and technical one. The volume is the extent of contracts or shares which are traded within the set time i.e. a day, week, or a month. The higher is the amount or extent then the higher would be the volume and hence the action of the security. The changes which are made in the volume can be simply determined or noticed as in the case of the most of the volume bars which are located all around the chart. The option trading volume is very important and by observing the shifts in the security volume, one can be able to spot the trends, the way being used for the prices trend.

The Importance of Volume

There is a possibility to use the volume for the confirmation mechanism of the chart patterns and trends autonomously while making it the most important aspects of the technical analysis. By the time when a price alteration is required having some trading based on volume level will be considered as the most relevant rather than the price alteration having lower volume. Where in the first case there is much more probability of talking in regards to the reversal trend whereas in the second case there might be a temporary fluctuation in which there is irrelevant trading of long term.

The Indicators of Volumes

Volumes are the integral part of the binary options trading is the portion of the category having very intense debate amid trading communities as it is representing the trading indicators and the people having tendency to be watched at most.You need to keep it in mind that the volume based trading strategies are the indicators and is interpreting the data grounded over it and is referring to the volumes which are related to the specified brokers with whom you are trading. It means that the volumes which you are going to interpret are the volumes which the brokers are offering not the ones which are in the entire market.

Using the Volumes

High volume options trading is very tricky when it is representing the trades which are taken by some of the clients relevant to the brokers with whom you are making analysis. It has been mentioned earlier that the volume options may be giving you an educated idea of the traders who are trading with the volumes and is sensing that if may be forming the idea of market interests. However, the options trading volume is an average technique and is more than nothing but when it comes to mere trading, then the volume charts are the best to sell and buy. For instance, if you are seeing a candle which is upside down and the green in volume and is meant to be the step of buyers and is tempted to by the call options in the situations of such candles. Though it might just be the trader who is closing the short position from the higher levels. Whereas in order to close the position one has to square it when it comes to wanting and shorting the book of profits and the traders are looking at buying the positions originally. This is the genuine cause why the spike higher in the volumes and the trap is laid down for the traders.

Adoption of the Expiry Date of Options

There is a specific expiry date for every option grounded on trading based on volume and is worth to mention that the long termed expiry dates are being used in the case when one is trading COT reports because there is no straight line and no idea of the market reaction. Therefore, there is a strong tendency that the market will be staying in the overbought and is oversold meant to have more traders than the requirement. Therefore one must adapt the expiry date of option trading volume for best outcomes.


  • What are the names on which Binary Options known for?

Binary options are known on the names of Fixed Return Options, All or Nothing Options, and Digital Options as well.

  • Where are the Binary Volume Options traded?

These are traded through CBOE direct which is an electronic trading platform and these options can be traded with any normal security account or directly through any broker.

  • Is there any possibility to trade Volume based binary options through regular account?

All types of accounts which have been approved for the dealing of the binary option trading can be used for the trading of volume based binary options. Some companies which are offering such services are Legent, Goldman Sachs, and Trade King etc.

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