What is Binary Options with CCI (Commodity Channel Index)? Complete Guide


What Does CCI Mean?

CCI also known as Commodity Channel Index means a technical indicator which looks like an oscillator that lets you decide the oversold and overbought markets as well as the impending reversals in binary options trading. It compares the existing price with a moving average in a chosen period of time. The CCI was initially planned for trading commodities; it can as well be used to trade high volume instruments. The CCI index has really developed in popularity and it is now used in currencies, equities and commodities markets since it was introduced in 1980.

It was Donald Lambert who recommended CCI. It is means of calculating the constant intervals of fluctuations in the commodity markets, and thinking about any abnormal deviations from these norms as a signal to penetrate the opposite direction, in case the system will recoil from the tremendous values and drift back to the middle.

Binary Options with CCI

The CCI evaluates the existing price with a moving average over a chosen period of time and then breaks it up by the mean deviation. The result is then divided by 0.015 to create more readable numbers.

This process lets a trader evaluate how far the prices have moved from their statistical means, despite the fact that it might look complex initially. By making use of the inverse factor of 0.015, 70 to 80 percent of the CCI’s readings, it will be in the range of +100 to -100. Any value above +100 indicates that prices have actually moved extremely higher and well above their geometric mean. On the other hand, any value below the indicated prices has moved extremely reduced than their statistical mean.

The CCI is perfect for generating a trading system because the indicator’s algorithm offers entries both on a flat and trend. The purpose of coming up with a commodity channel index strategy is to choose filters that discover the condition of the market: trend or flat. Preferably, these supplementary filters would help traders in adding the elements of counter-trend trades in their strategy.

How to Use CCI Indicator for Binary Options Trading

There are two fundamental strategies for using CCI indicator for trading binary options. These are crossing the +100 and -100 levels. In other words, buy an asset as soon as the CCI line crosses + 100 and sell the asset when the CCI line crosses – 100.

However, you can strike a deal when the CCI crosses 100 and reverses back higher or lower than this particular level.

Creating a Strategy

In order to create a strategy, you must have some primary and secondary indicators. The major indicators stand for the signal “donors” being used for entering a trade on the asset (either sell or buy). It is noteworthy that all indicators have a particular number of false signals. When there are many of them, it is due to the fact that an oscillator premeditated for trading in flat mode is used in one segment with directional movement.

To filter out these signals, therefore, using a trend indicator would help, but this particular type of indicator also lies at some stage in sideways movement. As a result, the filters that establish whether there is a directional trend on the market or it is flat are all that we need.

Tips for Trading CCI with Binary Options

Traders are advised to invest in long positions for markets with a value more than +100 and in short positions for markets with a value lower than -100. Strong up- and down trends that go above these precincts were excellent investment opportunities in this point of view.

But the utilization of the CCI with binary options has changed over time. In this present day, nearly all traders use it as an indicator for oversold and overbought markets and perceive it as a signal of a looming reversal. While readings above +100 are well thought-out to be overbought, readings lower than 100 are well thought-out to be oversold.

In order to generate trading signals, you can use the commodity channel index in three ways:

  • Increase the Quality of Your Signals

The CCI creates two diverse environments by splitting the market into periods of normal prices and overheated prices. One of these environments might be more appropriate for your trading style, based on your commodity channel index strategy. You can, therefore, include the CCI in your current trading strategy in order to get rid of losing trades and increase the quality of your signals. The thought is to just trade in markets that either out- or inside the CCI’s boundary.

  • Breaking of the CCI Trend Line

The line made by the CCI can as well move in trends. This can be referred to as a trading signal in the opposite direction of the trend if this trend line of the trend is broken. The breaking of the trend line would create a bearish signal in a situation where the CCI was in an uptrend. The breaking of the trend line in a downtrend would create a bullish signal. You can trade these signals with a No Touch option or High / Low options.

  • When the Indicator Leaves Oversold or Overbought Levels

When the line of the CCI falls lower than +100, you can use this as a signal or opportunity to invest in falling prices. On the other hand, you can invest in rising prices when the line rises higher than -100. It then implies that you can trade these signals with No Touch options or High Low options in the opposite direction of the signal.

Final Thoughts

You can use the CCI index on any market or time frame. You can use a one time frame, but trading binary options with two will offer more signals for active traders. Make use of the commodity channel index on the longer-term chart to ascertain the overriding trend, and on the shorter-term chart to segregate pullbacks and create trade signals.

Fine-tuning the strategy criteria and the indicator period may offer improved performance, despite the fact that all systems are vulnerable to lose trades. Make use of a stop loss approach to limit menace, and experiment the CCI strategy for effectiveness on your market and time framework ahead of using it.


Question: What is Commodity Trading Channel?

Answer: These are tools used in recognizing trends all over a wide range of markets. The CCI indicator is identified as an oscillator because it measures the distinction in a security asset price and the moving average

Question: Are there Suggestions for Reading the Commodity Channel Index?

Answer: The CCI is simply an indicator used by the technical chartists to analyze if a financial asset is oversold or overbought and whether a price will probably change direction. You can compare the direction of the trend lines for CCI in order to help you predict the reversal.

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