What is Binary Options With Bollinger Bands? Complete Guide


Are you an FX trader seeking some new trading designs to incorporate into your trading tool kit? Then look no further than the trading binary options with Bollinger bands. You can never go wrong by including an understanding of a Bollinger band tactic into your analysis mix because it tightens up the effectiveness of your trading and cut down on the losers.

What are Bollinger Bands?

In a simple language, Bollinger Bands are simple and handy indicators that all FOREX traders need to make their binary options trading more successful and effective. Therefore, when you are asked the question what are Bollinger bands, this simple definition will suffix.

The application of these bands is one of the numerous ways of gaining winning trades and they are used to determine trade movements at a critical time that the market is volatile.

trading binary options with bollinger bands

In addition, Binary options Bollinger bands are a technical indicator that can assist you when it comes to appraising whether the existing market price of a particular asset is low or high and how far the price of the asset can move.

As a result of this, Bollinger bands binary options will generate a price channel that has three lines: a lower limit line, upper limit line, and a middle line. Bollinger band forecasts the situations in the market in the lower and upper extreme. It will reveal to you categorically, whether the market is presently trading higher than the line in the middle or whether the asset is in a downtrend or uptrend.

Another great thing about Bollinger band in binary options is that it has a moving average, which is generally an easy 20-period moving average. The price movements are at times difficult to determine or judge without a Bollinger band. Of course, quite a lot of traders, most especially the novice to binary options trading find it hard to determine whether the prices are presently low or high and whether or not a movement will probably persist because no system is available to measure these movements against.

Types of Bollinger Band Trading Strategies

– Riding the Bands – This is when the bands are used trend recognition tool.

– Bollinger band as resistance and support – This strategy will show support and resistance in a trending market together with providing the trader with a sign of future volatility, frequently repelling prices back into the trend once again.

– The double the bottom formation bands – In this situation, the reverse will happen on a regular basis at considerable lows. It is a situation where the prices fall to the bottom band two times in short order and are then repelled upwards, starting an uptrend in the market.

– The double top formation – This is also known as the M pattern. In double top formation, it can imply that the market is short of the stream and a race down the bottom band could happen when prices are kept away by the top band two times. These scenarios are a characteristic of volatility in the market.

– The Bollinger band squeeze – The Bollinger band squeeze occurs when the price movements contract to a narrow range, which makes the Bollinger band move inwards towards one another.

How to Use Bollinger Bands to Trade Binary Options

How to use Bollinger bands is very simple. Due to the fact that they are effective tools that signal overbought and oversold in the market, you can use these bands to trade binary options.  It is the by the time assets turn out to be overextended within the trend that Binary options strategies work best. The default settings for the bands are depended on the 20-day moving average set at two standard deviations.

The Trading Strategy

Overbought Readings – Binary option traders should make use of the overbought readings created by Bollinger band to buy calls or sell PUTs, based on the conviction of the trader and the risk profile, in a situation where the market is in an uptrend. As a trader, you should take profits in anticipation of digestion of overbought conditions or mean reversion, by the time the price strikes the upper band. At this stage, some violent traders may even think about buying PUTs or selling calls, binary option traders can make use of the same strategy for up-trends in a downtrend market, but invert the option of PUTs and calls instead.

Setting Limits

You must first know how to set limits or set up the Bollinger band as a foreign exchange trader. There is both a lower and an upper band, each set at a space of two normal deviations from the security’s 21-day easy moving average. As a result, the Bands demonstrate the instability of the price as far as the average is concerned, and you can anticipate movements in price anywhere involving the two bands. The bands can be used to place buy orders at the lower band and sell orders at the upper limit by the FX traders. This particular strategy works well with the currencies that follow a collection of a blueprint, but it can be expensive to a trader if there is a breakout.

The Popular Bollinger Band Patterns to Trade

The recognition of the W bottoms and M tops in the price action is one of the most popular patterns that traders prefer using with Bollinger bands. These bands can useful in recognizing likely entry points for traders as well as breakout chances because they are usually viewed as a strong reversal signal similar to double bottoms and tops.

A Bullish Bottom Pattern – This is created by two consecutive bottoms in price action that normally looks like a “W”, despite the fact that it will first be like an upside down “N”. The key depends on ascertaining the bullish positions very close to the lower Bollinger band with a target set on the higher Bollinger bands. Nevertheless, it may be a strong signal to quit and look for a new opportunity if prices keep falling.

A Bearish top Pattern – This is created by two succeeding tops in price that is opposite to the “W” form and “M”. However, an N will appear in the price action prior to forming the whole “M” and this is the spot at which traders should be involved.

It is the right time to establish a bearish position in a trading asset, by the time the second peak and the “N” has been fashioned by the asset price action. If the prices keep rising and even move higher on top of the second top, this is a sign to go out and wait for new opportunities to take place.

Wrap Up

Trading binary options with Bollinger bands is one of the perfect ways to trade binary options; despite the fact that each binary options trading strategy has its own shortcomings. They have turned out to be one of the most useful and commonly used tools in highlighting tremendous short-term prices in a security.

Buying as soon as the stock prices cross underneath the lower Bollinger Band always helps traders benefit from the oversold situations and profit once the stock price moves back up toward the midpoint moving-average line.

Bollinger Band FAQs

Question: Can I Use Bollinger Band in Isolation?

Answer: No, you cannot use Bollinger Band in isolation. As an alternative, you can look for confirmation from another indicator.

Question: What are Continuation and Reversal Patterns?

Answer: These are patterns that will help you upgrade your skills on the way you will recognize continuation of bullish patterns and project the price targets. The continuation patterns are trend lines, pennants, flags, and channels while the reversal patterns are moving average crossover, island reversal as well as shoulder and head formation. You will be cautioned of the bull markets exhausting their uptrend by the reversal patterns.

Question: What is the Bearish Belt Hold: Bearish Reversal Pattern?

Answer: This is referred to as a bearish turnaround blueprint, showing in an uptrend. The daylight opens at its high level, but the price falls and closes close to its low, in this pattern, but not automatically at the lows of the day.

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