Top 10 Things to Consider Before Selecting Best Binary Options Broker 2017


When it comes to binary trading, there are more than a few Binary Options brokers to choose from. Some are fakes and some are genuine, making it difficult for beginners to choose the best broker. But the fact remains that choosing the right broker to trade FOREX is quite fundamental in many regards. When you follow the advice of the professionals, you cannot make a wrong decision. These best binary options brokers are experienced in binary options trading and pay more attention to the beginners to FOREX trading.

Best Binary Options Broker

The first reason for choosing the right trader is to steer clear of scoundrel brokers where you need to be afraid not to lose your hard-earned or the risk of unfair conditions for clearing your bonus. Therefore, you need a broker with the highest quality of binary options platform where you can trade FOREX without fear and also experience high payouts and a good customer service.

Frankly speaking, selecting the best binary options broker is not an easy task; therefore you must not take the issue for granted. Continue reading to know how to choose the best among the most popular binary options brokers.

  1. Highly Regarded Broker

This is a factor that should be first considered in your bid to get the right binary brokers. Of what importance is a binary options platform that refuses to pay you your bonus or payout as expected? A highly regarded or reputable broker will not joke with your money and are always transparent in all their dealings as far as FOREX trading is concerned. They are licensed from a reputable institution in the FOREX trading industry. Check this out before choosing a broker!

In addition, go through reviews of different brokers before signing up to trade with any broker or software. This will help you distinguish between scam and legitimate binary options brokers. Always avoid brokers that have been blacklisted as scam as you can regret this in the long run.

  1. Demo Account

It is absolutely crucial for you to first trade with a demo account of the platform before investing your real money. A number of people will argue that a demo account is no guarantee of your success when you trade with actual money, but the fact is that the best thing is to start trading with a demo account. The trading platform may be more developed when it comes to real trading but have no demo account for new traders to practice with. Make sure you confirm this before signing up with the platform.

  1. Leverage Flexibility

You must choose a trading platform that has leverage flexibility because leverage is one of the major benefits of the FOREX market. It is noteworthy that the higher the leverage, the larger the risk. As a result, a higher leverage will increase your chances, if you have limited capital, while lower leverage is your best choice if capital is not a problem. Make sure the trading platform or FOREX trader provides different options based on your trading needs.

  1. Legitimacy

Verifying the legitimacy of the trading binary options is also of great importance when it comes to choosing a broker. Check if the broker of your choice is regulated before you strike any binary trading with them. It is mandatory that all FOREX brokers must be registered with the relevant bodies such as the Futures Commission Merchant (FCM), ASIC, CySec, FSA and regulated by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Avoid any broker not regulated as it may not be legitimate.

  1. Accessibility

Can you access the binary option platform of your choice easily and any time you want? How is the customer support? Will there be anybody to arise to your situation anytime there is any issue? These are all the questions you need to raise when looking at the accessibility of a trading platform. Get answers to all these questions before choosing a broker.

6. User-Friendly Deposit and Withdrawal

There should be easy deposit and withdrawal of funds with the FOREX broker of choice. The payment and withdrawal options offered must be easily accessible. Choose a broker that provides more than a few user-friendly payment methods. However, check the banking options available before you select your broker. Make sure the broker offers the payment method that you feel most comfortable to transfer your funds.

  1. High Payout with Excellent Customer Service

Choose one of the most popular binary options brokers with attractive and high payout supported with excellent customer service. It doesn’t make sense to choose a broker with high payout but poor customer service. The two must go hand in hand to have a wonderful experience. What defines a good broker is the balance between payout and customer service. Hence, try as much as possible to optimize for both the best service and highest payouts.

  1. Trading Resources

In foreign exchange market of today, a typical FX broker provides different types of services. The real trading is being carried out by making use of the trading platform of the FOREX broker, which must be tested and assessed before making the choice of a particular FOREX broker. Make sure the platform competes with the market standard offering live news, integrated technical analysis tools, real time charts, updated market data, and often offer support for trading systems.

A number of FOREX brokers also provide technical and basic analysis as part of their service, including economic calendars, and some other useful tools. Endeavor to get the best out of your FOREX broker; in order to make all the difference.

9. Introductory Bonuses

Quite a number of binary options brokers will give introductory bonuses and other incentives to lure new traders to use their binary options trading platforms. The incentive can be in form of cash, training courses or e-books that can be handy for all new traders. Bonuses offered are used to access educational materials and other tools that will enable them make informed trading decisions with their binary options.

10. Simple Trading Platform

When it comes to the trading platform, little can be done wrong unlike the case in CFD or FOREX trading. Trading binary options is prearranged so clearly and simply that it is not difficult to develop a fantastic trading platform. Look for one of the binary options brokers with simple trading platforms that will make your FX trading an easy task.

Wrap Up

Why it is important to choose the best binary options brokers is to steer clear of scam services that are out to dupe you and bolt away with your money as they engage in Binary Option Trading. With reputable brokers, your mind is at rest that there are no exaggerated promises to lure you into signing up with them. The tips and tricks above to choose the right broker for your FOREX trading.

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